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  Shanghai Xinanna Electronic Technology Co.Ltd was founded with the support of Shanghai Institute of Micro-System Information Technology (SIMIT)), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The main technologies of the corporation originated from SIMIT. SIMIT is one of the organizations from CAS knowledge innovation pilot projects and Shanghai high-tech research and development stations. The research on colloidal silica slurry and single crystal polishing process were initiated since 1970s. In recent years, the requirement for slurry becomes urgent with the rapid development of Integrated Circuits (IC). From 2001, SIMIT started research on nano abrasives, slurries and polishing processes for the application of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI). Currently, the technology has been transferred to Shanghai Xinanna Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. SIMIT also has carried out studies on slurries for Cu & barrier, phase change memory and sapphire. The related achievements have been published for 30 papers and applied for 10 patents, of which 8 are public and the other 2 are authorized. In the early stage of Xinanna’s foundation, Xinanna provided conditions for the transformation from research achievements to real product backed up by SIMIT’s research achievements in the field for many years. With the help of SIMIT’s high-tech equipments, solid R&D strength, mass research funding, and also through Xinanna’s own R&D effort, Xinanna has developed high technology-intensive achievements, which not only facilitates the solution to technical issues during production, but also is beneficial for a further improvement of the product’s functions and a continuous development of new products adapting the requirements of customers.